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Heating Cable kit ANTIFREEZE: an effective solution to protect piping against freezing.

In winter, freezing temperatures can have a damaging effect on water pipes. As water inside the pipes freezes, it expands, which stresses the joints to the point of creating movement and therefore leaks or in more serious cases can cause the pipes to burst… With Flexelec, you can stop the risk of having burst pipes…  Installing a heating cable on pipes, under the insulation is a simple and effective way to allow optimised operation whatever the weather conditions. A complete system and ready-to-use kit like STOPGEL/ANTIFREEZE, designed for metallic or plastic pipes, allows to secure the supply of water to houses, car [...]

What is a heating cable?

There are many different types of heating products : series resistance cable, constant power cable, self-regulating cable, heating cords, heating tapes… Flexelec manufactures various flexible heating elements to allow a direct contact with the material requiring heating. A heating cable looks like a conventional electrical cable, and its construction is based on the Joule theory thanks to electricity. The current going through the resistance (here a metallic wire) releases heat. The construction of a heating cable consists of adding layers of insulation (thermoplastics, silicone elastomers, fluoropolymer, metallic braids…) to electrically and thermally protect the heating wire. This heating power (Pw in [...]

Heating cables, heating tapes, trace heating… Flexibles heating elements explained by the expert FLEXELEC