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How to install trace heating? Straight tracing or spiral tracing…

Trace heating elements are often used in the building industry, the refrigeration industry, or in the chemical/oil industry either to maintain pipes and tanks above freezing or at higher temperatures. When installing trace heating, our clients often ask: "should we spiral the heating cable around the pipe or not?". Most jobs for frost protection of water do not require spiralling of the element around the pipe as long as an adequate choice of cable was made . Indeed, our cables come in various powers (10W/m, 15W/m up to 150W/m), so if the right power is chosen, straight tracing is often preferable as it eases the installation [...]

Gutter heating installation

Every year, we get contacted because damage has occured with snow building-up in gutters, becoming ice and therefore blocking all drains. This often results in water infiltration via the roof which can freeze, expand and severely damage the structure of the building. Our solution consists of installating heating cables into gutters or valleys, drainage hoppers and down pipes to allow evacuation of snow and melted ice. Just the accumulation of ice and snow in gutters or down pipes themselves can also lead to breakages.       To avoid such issues, this is what Flexelec recommends: Feel free to contact us with your enquiry, [...]

Gutter heating installation video

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