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Door heater for cold room doors

Flexelec has a number of options for protecting cold room doors or refrigerated cabinet doors with an effective and reliable door heater.  Flexelec provides the highest quality flexible heating products and components across a wide variety of industries and fields of work. Whatever the technical requirements of your project, and whatever the budget restrictions, Flexelec has built up a longstanding reputation of working closely with clients in order to find the right door heater, anti condensation heater or heating mat to meet their needs. If not heated, the cold room door accumulates water condensation around the door seal which then [...]

Frozen Condensate pipe – Solution for Condensing Boilers

With condensing boilers you might have (or possibly will) experience condensate freezing problems every winter if your drain is outside. Indeed, frozen condensate pipes prevent boiler operation and can result in a break down. To protect the boiler from freezing, our product acts to prevent the formation of ice inside the pipes. Each year thousands of homes are deprived in the UK because of freezing problems. The cause of the breakdown of your condensing boiler thus comes from the accumulation of ice inside the pipe condensate blocking drainage. This can result in the heat exchanger bursting in worst case scenarios. Depending on your set up it can result in a [...]

FLEXTRACE FTX inside pipe heating cable installation – Video

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Discover the range of applications of FLEXELEC’s products

FLEXELEC has designed and manufactured electrical heating cable for more than 30 years. Its products frost protect, or maintain temperature for many applications (from pipe work to tanks, plates, rail…). Our engineering team can deliver solutions to many of your technical enquiries and here is a broad idea of what we do:  Frost protection or temperature maintenance … – Frost protection of cold water pipes, sprinkler systems, chemical plants… – Frost protecion of tanks (water, caustic soda, oil, hash) in heavy industries or more domestic applications such as trough frost protection to allow animals to have water supply whilst in [...]

Heating cables, heating tapes, trace heating… Flexibles heating elements explained by the expert FLEXELEC