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Heat Pump and air conditioning drain heater – CSC2K

The heater FLEXDRAIN CSC2K, has already proved to be a large success, principally due to its introduction at the time of record growth in the heat pump market. This product has become compulsory when the external unit of a heat pump is supplied with a drip tray. If the condensate freezes in the tray, the heat pump is most likely to fail/break due to the build up of ice.   To avoid condensate freezing in the drain tray, we recommend to incorporate our heater. The heater FLEXDRAIN CSC2K is a drain-line heater with integrated thermostat. It is designed to be placed [...]

Heating cable installation on pipes – Frost protection trace heating

Discover in 2 minutes how to install a freeze protection sytem on your pipe. The ANTIFREEZE heating cable is designed for a quick, safe and easy installation. The thermostat as well as the plug are already integrated on the heating cable system. This heating system will only switch on when necessary to save energy. This complete heating set is designed by Flexelec, feel free to contact us at : If you wish to read more or get more details, you can contact us to receive your free catalogue or alternatively call us with your enquiry. +44 (0) 1923 27 [...]

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