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Why use thermostat or hygrothermostat with heating element?

The element control a temperature allows fit the heating cable switching on most often on temperature criteria or the presence of humidity. It is recommended, and in some cases compulsory, for use with all heating systems. They will make sure the desired temperature to save energy and prolong the life of heating element. A range of electronic thermostats is used to accurate room temperature control or a specific place by probe.  An electric contact in series the circuit will control the heater element automatically. There are several types of thermostat but the most frequent are composed like this: A mecanic [...]

Industrial process: frost protect the joints and the hydraulic system

FLEXELEC manufactured and supplied heating cables to frost protect the joints and the hydraulic system of the loading cranes in harbors.  FLEXELEC and its partners have designed and adapted the installation of trace heating systems to the huge mobile cranes. Flexelec have been used the heating cable FLEXTRACE for the merchant navy activity. In fact, low temperature in winter the  merchant navy activity has to ensure that logistics do not fail. So, the weather conditions were in below -15°C, salty environment, and presence of fuel are an example of difficulties met. Thanks to the FLEXTRACE FTSH/TF 50 w/m performs with high efficiency. [...]

Heating cables, heating tapes, trace heating… Flexibles heating elements explained by the expert FLEXELEC