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Special machines for food industry (FLEXTRACE FSX-55)

FLEXELEC has won a market in the food industry (cheese). The high-potential niche development is represented by the indirect consumption. That is to say cheese incorporated culinary industry such as lasagna, pizza and others. It is a breeding ground for the expression of casting techniques that modify the behaviour of milk protein to heat. We must therefore maintain at 70 °C all pipe production lines, to avoid cheese cool off, freeze, and block the pipes.   The heating cable FLEXTRACE FSX-55 was located along productions lines for temperature maintenance. Technical characteristics of FEXTRACE FSX-55 heating cable Hard-wearing, flexible and sealed. [...]

Heating cable FLEXFLOOR KYCYR for under floor heating

FLEXFLOOR KYCYR heating cables from FLEXELEC are particularly hard-wearing and are used for applications set in concrete slabs to protect against freezing or to maintain a temperature. To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device. Heating cable FLEXFLOOR KYCYR are installed in concrete slab, at the beginning of cold door (0°C to -40°C) allows to protect against ice on the floor. Moreover, close the door is easier than before, without heating cable. The employees are also in safety with this system. Example of application:  heating cable KYCYR. FLEXELEC KYCYR installed heating cables [...]

FLEXTRACE FST/TP/25-2 Trace heating refurbishment

Maintaining the viscosity at the required level to allow for a highly productive process in winter. Trace heating refurbishment of the main lubricant manufacturer. Working closely with our local industrial lagging export (insulation and metal work), FLEXELEC has used its troubles hooting skills to design and manufacture a complete solution, within short time scale. The solution contains circuits of high temperature FLEXTRACE self-regulating cable FST/TP/25-2 and all necessary FLEXKIT accessories. For this type of application FLEXELEC have used a heating cable FLEXTRACE FST/TP/25-2. Self-regulating heating cables of the FST/TP range are used to protect against freezing or to maintain moderate temperatures. [...]

Heating cables, heating tapes, trace heating… Flexibles heating elements explained by the expert FLEXELEC