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Special machines for food industry (FLEXTRACE FSX-55)

FLEXELEC has won a market in the food industry (cheese). The high-potential niche development is represented by the indirect consumption. That is to say cheese incorporated culinary industry such as lasagna, pizza and others. It is a breeding ground for the expression of casting techniques that modify the behaviour of milk protein to heat. We must therefore maintain at 70 °C all pipe production lines, to avoid cheese cool off, freeze, and block the pipes.   The heating cable FLEXTRACE FSX-55 was located along productions lines for temperature maintenance. Technical characteristics of FEXTRACE FSX-55 heating cable Hard-wearing, flexible and sealed. [...]

FLEXTRACE FST/TP/25-2 Trace heating refurbishment

Maintaining the viscosity at the required level to allow for a highly productive process in winter. Trace heating refurbishment of the main lubricant manufacturer. Working closely with our local industrial lagging export (insulation and metal work), FLEXELEC has used its troubles hooting skills to design and manufacture a complete solution, within short time scale. The solution contains circuits of high temperature FLEXTRACE self-regulating cable FST/TP/25-2 and all necessary FLEXKIT accessories. For this type of application FLEXELEC have used a heating cable FLEXTRACE FST/TP/25-2. Self-regulating heating cables of the FST/TP range are used to protect against freezing or to maintain moderate temperatures. [...]

Heating cable or heating tape: how choose?

The heating cable or tape choice depends on a lot of elements. We are going to try to understand why. First of all, it’s important to define exactly and what you want to get taking into account the operating conditions. To help you in this process, the manufacturer has developed FLEXELEC appropriate questionnaires that you can download: questionnaire Flexelec product.pdf Don’t forget that little scheme will define the accessories needed to install FLEXELEC tape and heating cables. You will found a complete range of junction boxes, connection kit, thermostats, hygrothermostats, power modulator and fitting accessories. Then, simply contact us on our [...]

Refrigeration Cold door: different types of cables can be used

Cold room doors should prevent ice which avoids closing doors in factories. FLEXELEC uses heating cables which depend on the type of door. Indeed, if the doors are flexible or rigid anti-shock heating cables used will be different. Thanks to these doors heating cables are protected from ice. Here are 3 ways to protect doors from freezing cold. First of all, ”classic” cold room doors require a heating cable FLEXTRACE FTSO. This self-regulating cable is installed on the edge of the door which prevents the ice. In fact, the cable maintains and heats the temperature of the door. Then, “bumper” the cold [...]

Heating mat tissue silicon and example of applications.

Heating mats are manufactured to order and their sizes and shapes can be adapted to each situation. They can be fixed using eyelets or hooks incorporated into the heating mat and, in some case, vulcanized directly by us onto your metal parts. An adhesive backing can also be provided. Other options such as double insulation, fuses, thermal cut-out devices or temperature sensors are available. The above table gives surface temperatures for heating mat according to their power level W/cm2, measured in the following conditions: Heating mats placed on a 1.5 mm thick horizontal aluminum plate in a calm atmosphere at [...]

Heating materials to maintain and drum heaters temperature

In many areas, we use containers are metals or plastic drums.. The product contained in these drums often must be maintaining as some temperature to avoid deterioration to it. Moreover, there are also cases of products which have to be heating to make it usable. The best using is for heating fluids such as glucose, honey, wax and oil. The Drum heaters range FLEXDRUM from FLEXELEC is composed by heating materials in silicon elastomeric and metallic’s drum heaters to answer at these issues.   Flexible heaters dum  FLEXDRUM TCF or TCF/TV are very easy to install around the drum with a spring. These [...]

Discover the range of applications of FLEXELEC’s products

FLEXELEC has designed and manufactured electrical heating cable for more than 30 years. Its products frost protect, or maintain temperature for many applications (from pipe work to tanks, plates, rail…). Our engineering team can deliver solutions to many of your technical enquiries and here is a broad idea of what we do:  Frost protection or temperature maintenance … – Frost protection of cold water pipes, sprinkler systems, chemical plants… – Frost protecion of tanks (water, caustic soda, oil, hash) in heavy industries or more domestic applications such as trough frost protection to allow animals to have water supply whilst in [...]

How to install trace heating? Straight tracing or spiral tracing…

Trace heating elements are often used in the building industry, the refrigeration industry, or in the chemical/oil industry either to maintain pipes and tanks above freezing or at higher temperatures. When installing trace heating, our clients often ask: "should we spiral the heating cable around the pipe or not?". Most jobs for frost protection of water do not require spiralling of the element around the pipe as long as an adequate choice of cable was made . Indeed, our cables come in various powers (10W/m, 15W/m up to 150W/m), so if the right power is chosen, straight tracing is often preferable as it eases the installation [...]

What is a heating cable?

There are many different types of heating products : series resistance cable, constant power cable, self-regulating cable, heating cords, heating tapes… Flexelec manufactures various flexible heating elements to allow a direct contact with the material requiring heating. A heating cable looks like a conventional electrical cable, and its construction is based on the Joule theory thanks to electricity. The current going through the resistance (here a metallic wire) releases heat. The construction of a heating cable consists of adding layers of insulation (thermoplastics, silicone elastomers, fluoropolymer, metallic braids…) to electrically and thermally protect the heating wire. This heating power (Pw in [...]

Frost protection dirty water networks

In the case of buildings located below the level of the sewer, using waste management process is necessary. It must ensure the continuity of evacuation of dirty water, even during the winter. The water column to expel remains house full, due to the non-return valve of the pump and if this part of the network is not buried deeply enough, the risk of frost is important, and could create a discharge and flooding.  By providing a highly localized heat in the harsh winter, the FLEXTRACE cables allows the evacuation of wasted water, even at temperatures as low as -20°C. The FLEXTRACE [...]

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