Frozen Condensate pipe – Solution for Condensing Boilers

With condensing boilers you might have (or possibly will) experience condensate freezing problems every winter if your drain is outside. Indeed, frozen condensate pipes prevent boiler operation and can result in a break down. To protect the boiler from freezing, our product acts to prevent the formation of ice inside the pipes. Each year thousands of homes are deprived in the UK because of freezing problems.

The cause of the breakdown of your condensing boiler thus comes from the accumulation of ice inside the pipe condensate blocking drainage. This can result in the heat exchanger bursting in worst case scenarios. Depending on your set up it can result in a minimum of £300 in repairs.

The product FLEXELEC, ANTIFREEZE is placed inside the pipe condensate. When temperature drops below 5C, the heating cable is automatically turned on which will prevent ice formation. Overheating is prevented with an integrated thermostat on the cable.

The accumulation of ice inside your condensate pipes no longer exists thanks to ANTIFREEZE from FLEXELEC.

How to use the cable ANTIFREEZE from FLEXELEC


To accommodate the attachment fitting, measure and cut the condensate pipe.


Retrofit the heating cable inside the condensate pipe from the hose end outside.


With the ties provided, secure the thermostat outside the building against the condensate pipe. The thermostat can also be set at any location along the outer pipe.


The cable must not be stretched or pulled. Feed the cable from the outside (or use a fish wire) until reaching the cut off point. The part marked with black dots is the cold part of the cable.



  1. Feed the trace heating cable through the T junction.
  2. Slide the cold part of the cable through the seal and insert it into the threaded housing.
  3. Slide the threaded seal cap onto the cable and tighten all fittings.


Fit the plug supplied to the cable (Live and Neutral) if socket available on the wall. You can alternatively fit directly into a junction box.



When the outside temperature goes below +5C and could cause freezing, the thermostat turns on the heating cable automatically. Once the system is in place you will not experience a problem. The installation must be done by a competent handyman or a plumber.

STOPGEL ANTIFREEZE: Do not shorten the heating cable! 

The cable is double insulated to meet the electrical regulations in UK and Ireland (refer to the instructions).

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