Heating cable FLEXFLOOR KYCYR for under floor heating

FLEXFLOOR KYCYR heating cables from FLEXELEC are particularly hard-wearing and are used for applications set in concrete slabs to protect against freezing or to maintain a temperature.
To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

Heating cable FLEXFLOOR KYCYR are installed in concrete slab, at the beginning of cold door (0°C to -40°C) allows to protect against ice on the floor. Moreover, close the door is easier than before, without heating cable. The employees are also in safety with this system.

Example of application:  heating cable KYCYR.

FLEXELEC KYCYR installed heating cables in a factory that convert harvested fruit into frozen fruit. To ensure the door against the freeze, it’s necessary to fit a heating cable near the entrance of cold door.


  • Hard-wearing and flexible.
  • Mechanical protection and earthing.
  • 3m power cable on the end only, integrated return conductor.
  • Power supply: 230v as standard.
  • Series resistance, silicon elastomer and PVC insulation, with copper braided shielding and an extra PVC outer sheath.

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