Heating cable and wintery swimming pool

There are two techniques for setting wintery swimming pool.

  • Passive wintery, where the entire system will pool be put to sleep, and a tarp will cover the basin.
  • The active wintery where we will maintain a flow of water inside the pipes so that the pipe doesn’t burst. Active wintery is certainly easy to set up and preserve the quality of your water, but it is not suitable for areas where freezing risk is important.

We are interested in passive wintery, which require a longer introduction, but the benefits are undeniable.

After having purified the pool, put a wintery product in water and the water level dropped below the discharge nozzle, it is necessary to put in wintery filtration system. For this, we will have drained the filter pump and filter. Do the same with the skimmer inlet jets taken without forgetting to clean your pool. Drain then all other systems present as, for example, a swim against the current or a heat pump.

It is recommended to use a heating cable to freeze protection installations in the technical room of your swimming pool, and that, whatever the wintery types that you choose.  The main drains not draining (passive wintery) must imperatively being equipped with a heating cable.

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