Heating mat tissue silicon and example of applications.

Heating mats are manufactured to order and their sizes and shapes can be adapted to each situation.

They can be fixed using eyelets or hooks incorporated into the heating mat and, in some case, vulcanized directly by us onto your metal parts. An adhesive backing can also be provided.

Other options such as double insulation, fuses, thermal cut-out devices or temperature sensors are available.

The above table gives surface temperatures for heating mat according to their power level W/cm2, measured in the following conditions:

Heating mats placed on a 1.5 mm thick horizontal aluminum plate in a calm atmosphere at +20 °C. The plate is suspended in the air. Temperatures are recorded after stabilizing.

Some examples of applications:

  • Heating fabric used for the repair of a hull of a boat or plastic resin damaged by impact.
  • Maintain in high temperature (120 ° C) thanks to heating tissue silicone machines used by a laboratory specializing in research in manometric structures (thousandths of a millimeter).

  • Aeronautical: control the manufacturing process for helicopter blades to check material uniformity by placing silicon heating mats provided with temperature probes during in situ repair or maintenance operations.

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