Improve the efficiency of domestic heating

With winter, temperatures falls, the role of domestic boilers increases in significance. UK homeowners often forget that like most frequently used appliances; boilers require maintenance, and care, which is perhaps understandable given their out’of sight, out of mind ‘nature.
Regular servicing plays an essential part in preventing future breakdowns and ensuring the boiler is running as efficiently as possible, which is likely to extend its overall lifespan.

So, FLEXELEC have launched to protect the boiler and the pipe a heating cable Antifreeze which can be used to domestic heating boiler.

Indeed, Antifreeze heating cables have been specially designed to protecting metal piping against freezing.

When properly fitted, the heating cables come into operation at 5 °C and will protect your installation against freezing.

Anitifreeze cable, technical characteristics:

  • Voltage 230v- 50 Hz,
  • Double insulation, Protection class II
  • Permissible service temperature from -30 C to + 80 C
  • Complete kit for easy installation
  • Power rating 15 W/m
  • Flat section 5 x 7 mm for better heat transfer
  • 1 meter long power supply section at one end only
  • Electrical connection plug included
  • Thermostat incorporated at the end of the cable
  • Fitting accessories supplied
  • 2 years guarantee

The market for servicing these boilers offers a huge business opportunity; the supplier FLEXELEC has understood that with his heating cables.

If you wish to read more or get more details, you can contact us to receive your free catalogue or alternatively call us with your enquiry.

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