Refrigeration Cold door: different types of cables can be used

Cold room doors should prevent ice which avoids closing doors in factories. FLEXELEC uses heating cables which depend on the type of door. Indeed, if the doors are flexible or rigid anti-shock heating cables used will be different. Thanks to these doors heating cables are protected from ice.

Here are 3 ways to protect doors from freezing cold.

First of all, ”classic” cold room doors require a heating cable FLEXTRACE FTSO. This self-regulating cable is installed on the edge of the door which prevents the ice. In fact, the cable maintains and heats the temperature of the door.

Then, “bumper” the cold door  has the particularity of being equipped with a “bumper” whose shape can absorb impacts. This includes a constant power cable. This plastic is then thermoformed, softened with the heating cable FLEXTRACE FTSH and resists freezing in factory in -40 °C.

Finally, flexible doors are in the process of stand in for the rigid doors because they are lighter, open automatically, faster and are shockproof. To protect from ice we use FLEXMAT Aluminum to replace the cables by a system faster to install and whose the heating is more homogeneous.

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