Special machines for food industry (FLEXTRACE FSX-55)

FLEXELEC has won a market in the food industry (cheese). The high-potential niche development is represented by the indirect consumption. That is to say cheese incorporated culinary industry such as lasagna, pizza and others.

It is a breeding ground for the expression of casting techniques that modify the behaviour of milk protein to heat.

We must therefore maintain at 70 °C all pipe production lines, to avoid cheese cool off, freeze, and block the pipes.  

The heating cable FLEXTRACE FSX-55 was located along productions lines for temperature maintenance.

Technical characteristics of FEXTRACE FSX-55 heating cable

  • Hard-wearing, flexible and sealed.
  • Can be cut to length on site.
  • Extremely simple termination.
  • Cold tail incorporated: no extra connection necessary.
  • Available as 10 W/m.
  • Power supply: 230 V.
  • Copper braid and XLPE cross linked polyethylene outer sheath.

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